Are Prostate Cancer Deaths On The Rise?

No, prostate cancer deaths continue to decline among all men, according to the American Cancer Society.  Treatment for both localized, and advanced, prostate cancer has continued to improve.


In fact, in the past 10 years, at least six new treatments have become available and commonly used for patients with advanced prostate cancer, and more are on the horizon.  These treatments can significantly extend length and quality of life for patients with advanced prostate cancer.


At Adult and Pediatric Urology and Urogynecology we offer these treatments:

  • Provenge
  • Xofigo
  • and others

Of course we continue to offer state of the art surgical treatment for localized prostate cancer as well.

Are Prostate Cancer Deaths On The Rise?

The best way to prevent deaths from prostate cancer, however, is early detection of prostate cancer through PSA screening and physical examination.  The largest randomized prostate cancer screening trial in the world recently provided proof that PSA screening saves lives from prostate cancer.


With this in mind, we recommend that men consider prostate cancer screening beginning in their 40s if they have a family history of prostate cancer, or in their 50s if they do not.

Adult Pediatric Urology in Omaha, NE

Urological Cancers are one of the most common forms of cancer and also one of the most curable types if detected early. The key to detecting and eradicating these forms of cancer are regular screenings. Learn more about the various types of urological cancer.

Clinical Trials in Omaha

Our Clinical Research Department was developed to fulfill our mission to provide high-quality patient centered care. When existing treatments fail or significantly lower your quality of life we seek out new, safe methods that give you more options and make further advancements in the fields of urology and urogynecology.

This overactive bladder clinical research treatment taking place in Omaha is testing new treatment methods. They are being developed by pharmaceutical and bio-technical companies. By volunteering, you may receive new investigational treatments that may help us all understand your condition.

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